The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Fights Back

After the County gave $30k of taxpayers’ money to, which is a data mining company that takes advantage of the politically-motivated bureaucrat‘s desire to raise taxes, the Zoning Administrator sent this letter on FR07SEP18 to 847 County residents which she believes are renting or planning to rent out their homes for less than 30 days at a time.  This is an apparent attempt to intimidate these folks into following the new ordinance effective MO01OCT18 that is already facing a collective action complaint (copied above).  This new ordinance also requires registration and permits while at the same time no longer requiring a warrant for the County to search one’s home.  It further mandates the surrendering of the names of the renters, an invasion of privacy that even the Hotel Industry does not do.  Just wait until our elected officials in Richmond learn about the craziness up north!

County FR07SEP18 Letter (pdf)